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    Class Based Combat


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    Class Based Combat Empty Class Based Combat

    Post  TheOneandOnly Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:13 am

    Medium of Darkness uses class systems, in some ways similar to base JKA's siege mode, but more advanced. Each class has defensive and offensive qualities, but specialises in one major area of combat.

    Star Wars Universe - Lesser Evils
    The Star Wars section of Medium of Darkness gives players an opportunity to customise their character to their liking, using one of five archetype classes: Knight, Assassin, Acolyte, Destroyer and Sentry. Each class has two ability sets available, and points may be spend in either or both sets to choose powers and upgrade your character.

    The Knight is a skilled sabre-wielding warrior who excels in sustained melee combat. This class is able to both deal substantial damage at close range and survive intense attacks. The Knight's powers are split between Rage, which focusses on improving speed and ferocity, and Resistance which provides additional protection.

    Similar to the Knight, the Assassin class uses a lightsabre to deal death at melee range. However the Assassin's skills lie in agility and surprise attacks, rather than resilience. The Assassin's Combat abilities aid his fighting skill, while Evasion abilities allow the Assassin to stay hidden and escape from danger.

    Acolytes provide support to their team mates in both offensive and defensive roles. A physically weak class, the Acolyte can use the force to aid his allies, or to weaken enemies. Defiance abilities give the Acolyte defensive and healing capabilities, whilst Mortality allows him to sap an enemy's life and powers.

    The Destroyer class wields the force as a vicious weapon. Capable of dealing large amounts of damage from outside of melee range, the Destroyer's weakness is his inability to defend himself when surprised. The Manipulation abilities offer a wide range of telekinetic powers, whilst Animosity opens up various destructive lightning abilities.

    Sentries use firearms instead of a sabre or force powers in order to cause damage. His force powers are limited to basic mobility powers, but the Sentry can gain multiple weapons and upgrades. Skirmish allows for close range firepower and survivability, while Longshot opens up long-range and suppressive capabilities.

    Each class has basic starting abilities, such as Lightning Bolt and Force Push for the Destroyer class. These abilities are always available and cost no points to use. Beyond these initial abilities there are two ability sets. Every class's ability sets are different, and cater to different styles of play. The Knight's ability sets are a clear example of the variations of upgrades available: the Rage set gives abilities such as Force Rage which increases damage and speed temporarily, and passive upgrades like Relentlessness which regenerates force energy on successful lightsabre strikes. The Resilience set however, gives defensive abilities like Strength, which bolsters health for a short time. Both ability sets are balanced against each other but change the style of combat in opposite ways. It is also possible to combine elements from both sets, to have balanced offensive and defensive capabilities.

    Ability sets contain tiers of abilities and upgrades, and higher tiers will only be unlocked by spending points in the lower tiers first. The limited number of points mean that players who want to reach the upper tiers of a set will not be able to unlock many tiers of the other set, so in order to gain the most powerful upgrades from a set you must specialise in that set, but utilising both sets equally has benefits too.

    Ability and upgrade sets (Along with appearances) can be saved so that a player can switch quickly from one setup to another.

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