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Jedi Academy Multiplayer Conversion

    Application Guidelines


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    Application Guidelines Empty Application Guidelines

    Post  TheOneandOnly Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:08 pm

    In order to make the application process as clear and simple as possible, please read the following guidelines detailing the sort of information you will need to provide.

    Name(s): Commonly used names on relevant sites/forums. You do not have to provide your real name.

    Contact Options: You do not have to make your details available in the public area, but please state whether you have email, MSN etc. Addresses can be posted in a private developer area later, and will not be viewable by other members.

    Role: Precisely which areas you wish to work on. Please be specific, for example "Weapon Modeller", rather than just "Modeller". You may apply for multiple roles.

    Previous Experience: Demonstrate your skills as best you can. Example work does not have to be directly linked to Jedi Academy, so long as it shows that you are capable in your chosen role.

    Applications for roles such as "Tester" will not be considered at this time.

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